Human Resources

As İstanbul Likit Gaz who believes that its most important capital is its human resources, we are aware that we must have qualified and happy employees to reach our targets. Istanbul Likit Gaz has a transparent and accessible management system for continuous contact with employees with due regard.

In the direct of our strategies and the caring of our human resources policies, we implement improvement and development activities to improve individual performance and team performance.

In order to increase the competencies of our employees, training and development practices are carried out in order to follow the professional and sectoral developments closely and to continue working efficiently. We constitute a healthy, safe and peaceful working environment for our employees and ensure that the right people are employed in the right position.

About Us

Istanbul Likit Gaz Energy and Petrol Inc. has started to operate as LPG distribution company in 2015 with license obtained from Energy Market Regulatory Authority. Istanbul Likit Gaz successfully operates wholesale and storage services of LPG which is supplied from domestic and foreign markets.


Şair Nazım Sok.
E Blok No:43
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